11 Most Beautiful Tourist Places In Tunisia

Tunisia or the Republic of Tunisia is a country located in northeastern Africa, bordered to the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea, to the west by Algeria, and to the south by Libya. Its capital is the city of Tunis and its currency is the Tunisian dinar. 30% of Tunisia's area is desert, and the rest is fertile plains and mountain ranges.

Tunisia is often thought of as just a beach destination, but it has a host of surprising attractions to do for the traveler off the sandy beaches. This is North Africa that fits into one bite-sized package, with massive desert dunes, gigantic ancient ruins, and quaint cities that are home to a series of sprawling markets.

10 Most Beautiful Tourist Places In Tunisia

1. Tunis:

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The Tunisian capital is one of the most unpretentious cities in North Africa, yet still full of a western touch. It is this recall style that makes Tunisia an ideal introduction to the region. Most of the city's major landmarks are located in the Old Town, which is a tourist attraction in itself. Here, the forked alleys amid the tall walls are where you are bound to get lost.

Outside this enchanting maze, there are still plenty of things to do. The European style of the New Town is where French café culture permeates, and luxurious Belle Epoque architecture lines the streets here. Outside the center, we find the two most important landmarks of the city: the magnificent mosaic collection of the world-famous Bardo Museum and the glorious remains of Carthage, which should be on every tourist's travel schedule.


2. Djerba Island:


Djerba is located in the east of the country on the Gulf of Gabes and is the largest island on the coast of North Africa. It has a population of about 143 thousand people, and the largest city in it is Houmt Souk. The history of the island goes back to ancient times, where the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, and then Arabs resided.

Today, it is inhabited by a significant proportion of Jews as well as Muslim Arabs. It has a Mediterranean climate and the weather is sunny most of the year. Djerba's economy varies from tourism, agriculture, and fishing.


Djerba is a kind of wonderful resort that epitomizes life on the island. Just five kilometers off Tunisia's southern coast, these gently sloping sandy beaches, and idyllic Mediterranean climate have made Djerba a favorite for tourists looking for a beach break in winter.

Plenty of resorts cater to tourists, but Djerba also offers other attractions, such as timeless villages and colorful landscapes for those interested in immersing themselves in culture and nature. It's also a great place to stay if you want to explore other popular things to do in southern Tunisia on a series of day trips.

3. Tataouine


Tataouine is a small town in Tunisia, located about 170 miles southeast of Tunis. The town grew around a Berber fortress built by the Roman general Julius Caesar in 50 BC. The fortress was abandoned in the 5th century AD, but the town continued to grow.


In the 10th century, Tataouine became part of the Fatimid Caliphate. It served as the capital of an independent emirate from 936 to 1147.

The city has a population of around 150,000 people and is known for its traditional handicrafts, such as carpets and dolls. Tataouine is also home to the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Thamugadi.

4. Sousse:


Sousse is located in eastern Tunisia and is considered the capital of the Sahel region. It overlooks the coast of the Mediterranean, has a population of 222 thousand, and is the third-largest city in the country. The city's economy depends on the industry, where textile factories and transportation and communication equipment are spread, in addition to canned tuna and olive oil. It is also famous for its location in the middle of the country's historical and tourist attractions.

One of Tunisia's most popular tourist resorts, Sousse blends resort comfort with historical and cultural attractions that combine the best of both worlds.

While the luxury hotels lining the seaside suburbs of Port El Kantaoui offer sun, sand and beaches, the old ‘Medina' neighborhood in central Sousse has plenty of historical attractions for history lovers. No wonder this ancient port city continues to charm everyone who visits it.

5. Monastir:


It is a coastal city in eastern Tunisia located on a peninsula near the Gulf of Hamamet. It is 162 km from the capital, Tunis, and has a population of about 94 thousand people. It has a Mediterranean climate, where the winter is cold and the summer is hot, and many tourists visit it due to its cultural heritage and its picturesque nature.

The historic city of Monastir is distinguished by its charming wrap around the coast, an excellent beach area, and a group of sandy beaches that are among the most important tourist activities for visitors.

But the city has many monuments for those who want to add a bit of history to their trip. Located right on the coast, the Rabat fortress is one of the most impressive monuments in Tunisia during the Islamic era.

Next to the fortress of Rabat is the mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba, the name of the founder of the modern Tunisian Republic, which wonderfully blends traditional and modern architecture in Tunisia. Monastir is also one of the best bases from which to see the great Roman amphitheater ‘El Jem', which is rightly considered one of the best tourist attractions in Tunisia.

6. Tozeur:

It is a beautiful city located in the northwest of the country and has a population of about 38 thousand people. It is considered an oasis at the gate of the desert and has a great religious history due to the presence of the shrines of the righteous saints in it. It has been inhabited by man since ancient times, and successive civilizations have succeeded in it and left their mark in it.

This idyllic desert oasis enchants all who visit it. Tozeur is a world away from the Tunisian coastal resorts like Sousse and Hammamet, with the medina (old town) full of unique architecture and palm trees representing a green sea across the desert sands.

Adventurers will find plenty of sights and things to do in the surrounding countryside, whether it's carpooling on the dunes, swimming in hot springs, or even visiting the crumbling and surreal archaeological remains from the Star Wars movie filmed out of town. .

With all this, do not miss the other sights in the oases of Tamerza, Chebeka and Midas, where you can enjoy some of the breathtaking views that Tunisia has to offer.

7. Carthage:

It is a historic city dating back to the Carthage civilization, located northeast of the capital, Tunis. It has a population of more than 17 thousand people and includes the official residence of the Tunisian presidency and many international ambassadors. To this day, the city preserves many archaeological sites, some of which have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Today Carthage is a wealthy suburb of Tunis, surrounded by garden villas filled with red hibiscus flowers and purple bougainvillea. The few remains of the once Phoenician city of Carthage dot the neighborhood.

Despite its ruined state, the remnants of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are one of the top things to do in Tunisia, and definitely worth a sightseeing trip from downtown Tunis to soak up the history-packed past, and enjoy its beautiful surroundings on the sea road.

8. Kairouan City:

The fourth holiest city in Islam (after Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem), Kairouan is an important religious pilgrimage site, and, for history lovers, one of Tunisia's tourist attractions.

Kairouan is located in the center of Tunisia, 150 km from the capital. Inhabited by more than 140 thousand people, it is known as the fourth holy city in Islam and the first in the Maghreb. The city has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. The city is known for making carpets and handicrafts, in addition to sweets, the most famous of which is Al-Maqrod.

This bustling city is jam-packed with sightseeing opportunities and contains some of the country's best examples of Islamic architecture, from massive mosques and ornate tombs to back alleys lined with colorful houses. Kairouan is also a major shopping destination and is known for its quality carpets. The traveler to Kairouan will be impressed by the minarets of the mosques and the popular markets for handicrafts.

9. Sidi Bou Said:

Sidi Bou Said is located in the northeast of the capital, Tunis, and has a population of about 6000 people. Despite its smallness, the village is considered a tourist attraction due to its historical monuments. A picturesque suburb, Sidi Bou Said is a coastal bohemian city in Tunisia, filled with whitewashed buildings with wrought-iron decor and blue wooden doors.

One of the most popular things to do here for tourists is to have a cup of cappuccino in one of the convents and enjoy watching the city. You can also wander among the quiet back streets (where we are cars prohibited) and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Sidi Bou Said is a suitable place to enjoy artistic nature and is also considered one of Tunisia's best locations to capture the ceramic works for which the country is famous.

10. Matmata city:

It might seem innovative to explore Matmata, because the first parts of the first Star Wars films are known to have been filmed there. But the underground houses in the rocky Hamada desert are one of the most unique sites of its kind in Tunisia.

The caves at Matmata were hardly known until 1967, when the city, not far from Gabes in southern Tunisia, became a major attraction for visitors.

Some cave houses descend up to 30 feet and are said to date back to the 4th century BC. The Berber inhabitants use ground steps and rope ladders to make their way between the levels of the caves and use the passages to connect the rooms.

11. Hammamet :


The city is located in the northeast of the country and has a population of about 74 thousand people. It is about 60 km from the capital, Tunis, and is considered the first tourist destination for the country due to the tourist resorts that are available there. The city's history dates back to the Carthaginian civilization, and today's baths are rich in many antiquities and ancient heritage.


The Baths have a wonderfully attractive location, wrapping comfortably around a bay on the Cap Bon peninsula. This is the original Tunisia tourist resort. Its beautiful sandy beaches, its well-preserved medina (old town) are the main points of interest, and the town itself is a nice introduction to North African culture and traditions.


Sightseeing here is usually a close second due to the beauty of the beaches and endless sunny weather, but if you find yourself wanting to get off the beach, Hammamet is ideally located as a base from which to explore the rest of the Cap Bon area's attractions.


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Is Tunisia Worth Visiting?

Tunisia has a climate that offers warm and sunny weather all year round. If beaches are your first destination, the months of June, July, and August are the best times. Outside these months, the weather will be a little cooler but still warm and sunny.

Added to that, the locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the country is just stunningly beautiful. It's a great place to relax and enjoy the incredible scenery.

The Cost of Tourism in Tunisia 2022:

The cost of a medium-cost tourist trip for two people for a week in Tunisia is about 810 US dollars, which includes accommodation, food, transportation, and sightseeing without calculating airline tickets.

  • Lunch prices: start from 10 USD per meal.
  • Hotel prices: start from 23 USD for two people for one night. You can easily book a hotel in Tunisia through
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