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Glamping vs Camping: Which is Best for You?

Are You Ready for Extreme Thrills or Ultimate Comfort?

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Are you a nature lover who enjoys spending time outdoors? Do you dream of escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature? If so, you may be considering a camping trip. But with the rise in popularity of glamping, you might also be wondering if glamorous camping is a better option for you. In this article, we will explore the difference between glamping vs camping, the amenities available in glamping, whether it is a better option for a family getaway, and whether you can go glamping in an RV.

What is the difference between camping and glamping?

Traditional camping


Traditional camping, also known as tent camping, is the most common form of camping. It involves setting up a tent and sleeping in a sleeping bag inside the tent. Camping is often associated with roughing it out in the great outdoors and can include activities such as hiking, fishing, and backpacking. It is a way to disconnect from the fast-paced world and connect with nature.

Glamorous camping

On the other hand, glamping, short for glamorous camping, offers a more upscale camping experience. It provides the comforts of home while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors. Indulge in the allure of glamping, where accommodations span from lavish tents to cozy yurts, cabins nestled in nature, or enchanting treehouses. Glamping allows you to relax and unwind in a beautiful setting without sacrificing the modern conveniences you are accustomed to.

Camping experience

The camping experience can vary depending on the individual and their preferences. If you enjoy the simple and rustic nature of camping, then traditional camping may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for a more luxurious and comfortable experience, glamping may be the perfect choice.

What are the amenities available in glamping?

Running water

One of the main differences between camping and glamping is the availability of running water. While camping typically requires you to bring your own water or purify it from natural sources, glamping offers the convenience of running water. This means you can easily wash your hands, take a shower, and have access to clean water for cooking and cleaning.

Private bathroom

Another amenity that glamping offers is a private bathroom. Unlike camping, where you may have to use a communal bathroom or just find a spot in the woods, glamping accommodations often come with their own private bathroom facilities. This ensures that you have a clean and comfortable space to freshen up and take care of your bodily needs.


Yurts are a popular glamping accommodation option. These spacious and sturdy structures offer a unique and comfortable space to relax and sleep. They often come equipped with comfortable beds, heating, and sometimes even a kitchenette. Yurts allow you to experience the beauty of nature while enjoying the comfort of a cozy home away from home.

Is glamping a better option than camping for a family getaway?

Glamping experience


When it comes to family getaways, glamping may be a better option than traditional camping. Glamping provides a more comfortable and convenient experience for families, especially those with young children or elderly family members. The amenities available in glamping accommodations, such as running water and private bathrooms, can make the experience more enjoyable and stress-free for everyone.

Food and supplies

In addition to the amenities, glamping also offers the advantage of having access to food and supplies. Many glamping spots have on-site restaurants or nearby dining options, making it easier to enjoy delicious meals without the need for extensive cooking preparations. This can be particularly beneficial for families who may not have the time or resources to plan and prepare meals during a camping trip.

Glamping spots

Furthermore, glamping spots are often located in picturesque locations with stunning views. This allows families to enjoy the beauty of nature while still having a comfortable place to rest and relax. Glamping spots may also offer additional activities and entertainment options, such as hiking trails, swimming pools, or game rooms, making it easier to keep everyone entertained during the getaway.

Can you go glamping in an RV?

RV camping

Yes, you can go glamping in an RV. RV camping is a popular form of glamping that combines the convenience of a camper with the glamour of the glamping experience. RVs are equipped with many of the amenities available in traditional glamping accommodations, such as comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and even kitchenettes. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of glamping while having the flexibility to travel and explore different destinations.


A camper is a type of recreational vehicle that provides sleeping quarters and basic amenities for a comfortable camping experience. It is an excellent option for those who want to go glamping but prefer the convenience of having a mobile accommodation. Campers come in various sizes and designs, ranging from small trailers to larger motorhomes. They offer the advantage of being able to set up camp in different locations while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Glamping vs camping in a tent

How to Plan Your Camping TripPin

While glamping in an RV or camper provides a more comfortable and convenient experience, camping in a tent has its own charm and appeal. Camping in a tent allows you to be closer to nature and experience the outdoors in a more immersive way.

It can also be a more budget-friendly option for those who don't have access to an RV or glamping accommodations. In the end, your decision between glamping and traditional tent camping boils down to your individual tastes and priorities.

So, whether you choose to go glamping or opt for a traditional camping trip, both options offer unique experiences that can help you reconnect with nature and create lasting memories. Whether you prefer the luxurious comforts of glamping or the simplicity of camping in a tent, the most important thing is to enjoy your time outdoors and find the balance that best suits your needs and desires.

FAQs On camping vs glamping

Q: What is the difference between camping and glamping?

A: Camping involves sleeping on the ground in a tent or camper, while glamping typically involves more comfort and luxury.

Q: Which is best for your next outdoor adventure, camping or glamping?

A: It depends on your preferences and the experience you are looking for. If you enjoy being close to nature and don't mind roughing it a bit, camping may be the best option. However, if you prefer a more luxurious and comfortable outdoor experience, glamping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Q: What are some examples of glamping options?

A: Glamping options can include staying in luxury tents, yurts, treehouses, or even renovated vintage trailers. These accommodations often come with amenities such as comfortable beds, electricity, and sometimes even hot tubs.

Q: How does camping differ from glamping?

A: Camping is a more traditional way of spending time in the outdoors, where you bring your own tent or camper and set up camp at a designated campground or campsite. Glamping, on the other hand, offers a more glamorous and comfortable experience with pre-set accommodations and sometimes even additional services.

Q: Can you explain the concept of glamping?

A: Glamping is a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping.” It is a style of camping that provides luxurious and comfortable accommodations in nature, often with amenities such as comfortable beds, stylish furnishings, and added services.

Q: How long has camping been around?

A: Camping has been around for centuries and has been a popular way for people to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Q: What are the benefits of camping?

A: Camping allows you to disconnect from technology, spend time in nature, and enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, and stargazing. It can also be a more affordable option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Q: What are the benefits of glamping?

A: Glamping provides a more comfortable and luxurious outdoor experience, allowing you to enjoy nature without sacrificing modern comforts. It is a great option for those who want to experience the outdoors but prefer a higher level of comfort.

Q: Can you mix camping and glamping?

A: Yes, you can mix camping and glamping depending on your preferences. Some people may choose to spend a few nights camping and then treat themselves to a glamping experience.

Q: Are camping and glamping different experiences?

A: While camping and glamping are two different experiences, they both allow you to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. The main difference is the level of comfort and luxury provided.

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